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Pioneer Reunion • CAP 105 • Brand New and unique Systems • 274 Server Files • 24/7

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  • Pioneer Reunion • CAP 105 • Brand New and unique Systems • 274 Server Files • 24/7

    Grand Opening: 27.05.2017, (exact time will be chosen later)

    Open Beta Testing: 21.05.2017 21:00 - 26.05.2017 18:00

    We are glad to announce our comeback after users requested a new start with many feature changes.
    Although, our previous project had an unexpected turn and we were a little lost after the happenings, we expected a much bigger community since it was the first server running on vsro 1.274 files, but it was our fault as well.
    In fact the only working free bot wasn't released at the opening and the new job system was nearly unedited, which didn't provide fun or action at all.
    So this time we don't try to rush again, we have rebuilt the main features and prepared tutorials since many players didn't even know about the functions of the new systems.
    As the most, but not all users agreed with a fresh start, we're rewarding those who were active until the end and at this point we also want to apologize to those who didn't like this idea.
    After more than 3 years of developing systems on vsro 188 files, we decided to rebuild our server on vsro 274 files, which have more potential, newer options and which are giving us much more free space to increase the chances and features.
    If you are searching for something different, unique and new, here you are at the right place! We have generated epical game-play features, play2win.

    You don't like the new Job System?

    The new Job System is boring and useless without edits, but the old one as well!
    We made it worth to play with new extended Features to guarantee Action and Fun! Special Thanks go to SuS3 for this Trailer!

    Official Website




    Cap 105
    Skills Cap 105
    Race Chinese / European
    EXP/SP Rates 20x
    Drop Rate 7x
    Alchemy Rates 1x
    SOX New System
    DDOS Protection Hyperfilter
    Exploits Protected Yes
    Free Silk Job Quests, Trading, Uniques
    VIP Silk Donation
    Loyality Coins Voting & per hour
    Fortress war Hotan, Jangan
    Guild Limit 32
    Union Limit 2
    FGW With extended features
    Job Temple Enabled
    Battle Arena Enabled
    Capture the Flag Enabled
    Magic POP From Battle Arena
    PC Limit 2
    Job Mode Limit 1
    CTF Limit 1
    Battle Arena Limit 1
    Fortress War Limit 1
    Max Opt.Lv +12
    Guild Limit 32
    Union Limit 2

    • Donwhang as Maintown
    We have chosen Donwhang to be the maintown, due it's not a long way to leave the safe-zone to make some pvp and it's a nice town itself.
    The most important NPCs are located here, as well there are many teleport options at the portal.

    • Starter Pack

    Everybody will start up with the following facilities:
    - 5.000.000 Gold
    - 400.000 Skill Points
    - 3 Inventory pages
    - 10 Reverse Return Scrolls
    - 20 Instant Return Scrolls
    - 20 100% Movement Speed Increase Scrolls
    - 1 Grabpet with a duration of 4 weeks
    - 1 Grey Wolf
    - 50 Grass of Life
    - 5.000 Pet Recovery kits
    - Premium Gold Time (1 week)
    - Tiger Tablet of Sales King
    - 20 150% Skill Experience Scolls
    - 1.000 HP & MP Recovery Potions (X-Large)
    - 1.000 Special Universal Pills

    As well from the NPCs you can buy equipment items which are SOM+7 with 6 Str/Int until 9Dg, and normal +11 10Dg ones.

    • Item Stacks

    We've increased many itemstacks, here are the most important ones:
    - Bolts & Arrows: 10.000
    - HP & MP Recovery Potions: 1.000
    - All kinds of Grain Potions: 1.000
    - Universal Pills: 1.000
    - Pet Recovery Potions: 5.000
    - Elixirs: 500
    - Lucky Powders: 500
    - Alchemy Stones: 1.000
    - Silk Coins: 10.000
    - Speed Potions: 100
    - Bluestones: 5000
    - Blackstones: 5000

    • Job System

    We have rebuild the new job system to stock it with action and profit.
    In fact it's even better than the old system, due special goods can not be bought at some NPC and dropped for the own or a friend's character, it's not possible to cheat anymore.
    As well the recipes for crafting leave a huge space for improvements, which doesn't exist at the old job system.

    Once you selected a Job, you have to finish a few quests to gain a higher Job-Level.
    If Hunter or Thief, beginning from lv. 70 you can start to invest the Special Goods which are dropping from mobs to Consignment or Target Trading at the Trader or Smuggler NPC.
    At the Target Trading you have to activate your caravan Bugle (Trade Pet) and bring the goods to Hotan.
    At Consignment Trading your Special Goods are being loading a Caravan, once 1000 goods are reached (counting from the investments of all players) the caravan will start to run from a random town, which is announced shortly before it starts.
    The Caravan will always stay on the ways and walk to Hotan. Players of the opposite Jobclass can attack the caravan and steal the goods, so better you follow it and protect it!
    If target or consignment trade - once it's finished successfully, you receive as many Black- or Bluestones as the Goods you have invested (Hunters get Bluestones and Thieves Blackstones)
    You will get different and stronger items out of some crafting recipes, so always try your chance for better luck!

    If you finish any kind of trading, you are receiving not only Black- or Bluestones but you get Contribution Points as well, which you can use at the website to get specific items.
    As well The Academy has been rebuilt to a Job Ranking with Job Buffs, based on how many Contribution Points you have received at all (resetting weekly)
    With your stones you can now do uch more stuff now, we have added many new recipes to craft items like Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Bars, Job Alchemy Items and Proof Stones & Enhanchers to gain and fuse the final equipment.
    The idea was to make the Alchemy completely job-based, as only through crafting you can obtain Proof Stones & Enhanchers.
    To keep both Job-classes balanced, the required materials for the most of recipes are Black- AND Bluestones, which means hunters and thieves will have to exchange them with each other.
    Job System

    1 / 4
    • SoX and Alchemy System

    The first step are Seal of Moon/Sun items, which can drop from any monsters until 10Dg or bought for Contribution Points (Jobbing).
    Those can be enhanched through the normal Alchemy System, as you know it.

    The next step would be to gain the final equipment parts, which are obtainable by different ways;

    There is a new kind of seal for Weapons, called Seal of Heavy Storm
    Those Weapons are as strong as lv 90 Sun+3 and got 1 Critical / Block Ratio more than the common Sun items.
    Also there is a new Glow including lightning-, black- and white SoX Glows

    Those weapons can be received as reward when finishing The Seal of Resentment Collection.
    The Talismans to complete the collection you can obtain by going to the Forgotten World, the Dimension Portals you can buy at the Silk Trader NPC located in Donwhang.
    Also There is a quest at Governor Senmute in Alexandria, which has one talisman as reward.
    Medusa and some other unique monsters may drop talismans as well.
    As already mentioned, there are different ways to gather them through Job activities.
    One way is to upgrade a Seal of Sun Weapon to the Seal of Heavy Storm via some upgrade scroll, which can be obtained through Contribution Points.
    Another way is to buy them with Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Silk Coins and Gold from the NPC "Midnight Lady" southern of Donwhang.
    Gold - & Silver Coins can be obtained by crafting, Job Quests, at the Holy Water Temple and several Uniques, Silk Coins can be bought with CP, dropped from Uniques, finishing Job Quests, etc.

    With the armoury it's a bit different.
    You can collect Roc Item Parts by defeating Roc, and/or you can buy them at the Roc Shop with different kind of coins, like it was mentioned for weapons.
    Likewise you can upgrade Seal of Sun parts with an Upgrade Scroll, which can be won at the Magic POP (later more to the Magic POP) or bought with Contribution Points.

    The Seal of Heavy Storm grade is available for accessories as well.
    In opposition to amoury, Seal of Sun accessories can not be upgraded.
    They are available at the Jewelery NPC in Hotan for Gold Coins, Silver Coins and Iron Coins.
    Iron Coins can be bought at the same NPC for a huge amount of Gold, via Contribution Points or can be received though finishing Quests in the Job Temple.

    New Alchemy:
    Every kind of Seal of Heavy Storm item and the Roc Parts cannot be reinforced with normal Elixirs anymore, those items are being subordinate to the New Alchemy System with Enhanchers and Proof Stones.
    For those who don't know it - Both (Enhanchers & Proof Stones) are required to reinforce an item, fusing without using a Proof Stone would lead to a loss of the item when the reinforcement is failed. Once it succeeded, the option level will be increased by +1, upon a failure the option level will be adjusted by -1.
    We are using the new alchemy system because if the reinforcement fails, the option level will only be adjusted by -1 instead of going back to 0 and losing all.
    No worries, we didn't add Proof Stones or Enhanchers to the Item Mall, they are only available through crafting.
    SoX and Alchemy System

    1 / 5
    • Fortress War

    The gameplay at Fortress Wars has been equiped with epic accessories!

    Heavy Siege weapons like Rams are available to crush the Gates, Catapults to attack the Towers. Those can only be used by Military Engineers and can be obtained by crafting.
    The HP of Gates and Towers has been increased, Special weapons like Fortress Hammers / Axes are available at the Magic POP (Later more about the Magic POP).
    To craft Rams or Catapults, you have to learn the Recipe as first, which you can buy at the Hotan Fortress Clerk. Once done, you can buy the required materials at the Guild Manager in Hotan.

    For now there will be Hotan and Jangan Fortress War, once owned, the Guild will not only receive the Tax, but as well a pretty nice amount of Gold Coins and Silver Coins.
    Heavy Siege Weapons
    • Loyality Coins

    We created the "Loyality Coins", to reward every active player.
    Those can be obtained by voting at our website and we present every player with 5 Loyality Coins per hour (max. 25 per day).
    They can be used to buy items at the Loyality Tab in our Item Mall.

    • Silk Coins

    One more free Silk feature was build with Silk Coins.
    Those can be obtained by hunting unique monsters, finishing job quests, participing at events, winning a Fortress War, exchanging for Contribution Points, and some more.

    The Silk Trader in Donwhang offers some nice stuff for them;
    For example Dimension Pillars for FGWs, GDFs, Luck Increase Scrolls, Avatars, Special Elixirs and Lucky Powder, Special Magic Stones, etc.

    • Magic POP

    To increase PvP scene, the Magic POP Cards have been added as reward for participing at the Battle Arena and can be bought for Contribution Points or at the Item Mall.
    We suggest you to use only the Cards from BA, due the chances are not high for many things.
    You can play for Upgrade Scrolls, FW items, Luck increase Scrolls, GDFs, and so on.

    • Special Titles

    In Jangan at the NPC Gisaeng Ahjin you can accept quests to hunt unique monsters.
    Once fulfilled, you can receive some nice titles as reward.

    • Stall Network

    To avoid you to lose time while searching in every single stall for items, you can easily use the consignment instead.
    Using the Tiger Tablet of Sales King (Premium), which is available already for a small amount of Loyality Coins or VIP Silk & also included in the beginner items,
    you will not lose any Gold from any tax, only the registration of an item costs 10.000 Gold once, which is nearly nothing.
    Also you can use your character for other activities than stalling and staying day by day in the town.
    Once any item has been sold through the consignment, you'll be informed directly!

    • Balance Between Races

    Chinese builds have 2 additional Skills;

    -> Pain Quota to make it more profitable with CHN chars in a party

    -> A Passive Skill to balance the PvP scene between CHN and EU, Int-based characters are able to upgrade the Passive Skill yet.

    -> Force builds have some more healing skills such as Healing Orbit.

    European Races have some changes as well;

    -> Removed the Sleep skill from warlock, due it's just being used as bug.

    -> The black ressurection skill (Reverse Immolation) has a cooldown of 5 minutes.

    More balance changes will be applied during the beta phase.

    • Lottery System

    One more entertainment is the Lottery Station located in the northern of Donwhang.

    There are 2 kind of lotteries:
    -> For Vip Silk
    -> For Gold

    Both of them got 3 different timings:
    Hourly, Daily, Weekly!

    To avoid somebody using hundreds of tickets, we've included a reuse cooldown:
    -> Hourly tickets 45 min
    -> Daily tickets 7 hours
    -> Weekly tickets 24 hours

    There is always one winner for each of them!

    the system is choosing a winner automatically out of the players who used a lottery ticket and used them.

    • Events

    We are doing several events self-handed such as
    - PvP Tournaments (1 vs. 1 & 2 vs. 2)
    - Unique Events
    - Hide and Seek
    - Lucky Party Events (catch a party number which is given and receive a reward)
    - Guild War Events

    Of course there will be special events for Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

    • Available Bots

    The following Bots are working at our server:
    - SBot (Recommended)
    - phBot v.
    - xBot (Free Bot) Link HERE

    xBot was released by Muhab specially for our project. The main features are working fine, missing features are being added day by day.

    • More information about Guildmembers

    You are able to see the last online time and Position of every Guildmember.

    • Possibility to appoint a new Party Leader

    To appoint a new party leader, you don't have to create a new party, you can easily select any member of the party to be the new leader.

    • Items can be linked in chats

    Instead of writing all stats, blues and option level of an item, you are able to link the item to your chat in pressing Ctrl + Left-Click on the selected item, while the cursor is in the chat window. (Premium users can link items in all chats, others via Global only).

    • Action Shortcut over Chat

    You can easily invite a player to a party, to guild, as friend or send a message via Right-Click on the name in the chatbox.

    • More block options

    There are now more options to block actions from other players, like:
    - Block Friend Request
    - Block Exchange Request
    - Block Party Invitation
    - Block Guild Invitation
    - Party Matching Block
    - And of course Block Whisper and All chat

    • Character & Guild Name change possible

    You can find Character and Guild name change permits in our item mall.

    • Extended Toolbar options

    You can choose between 1 or 2 toolbars, as well every toolbar has 4 different windows.
    The 2nd toolbar can be used as F5/6/7/8 option and can be used due typing Space + a number!

    • Roc in the Gate of Ruler

    Roc spawns exactly the way you know from isro in the Gate of Ruler.
    You'll have to finish the quest to get a key for the gate, it's included with all spawns and features

    • New Grabpet Settings

    The new grabpet settings are pretty easy, it always picks up Gold and Equipment if the grab function is set to ON, more down you can choose to not pick materials, Bolts & Arrows and Special Goods.

    • The new Job System with all its quests and features

    The new Job System is a perfect solution for players, who are interested in a game-play where you can not cheat, like killing the own characters to get fast gold.
    (check above for a full description)

    • New Crafting System

    The new crafting system mainly belongs to job items, it has the same options like isro with extended recipes (check above for more).

    • New Alchemy System (not used yet)

    We have the possibility to use the new Alchemy System with Enhanchers and Proof Stones which are used for the final gear items. Of course we do not sell those proof stones through the item mall like isro, that would be a pay2win feature and we avoid that. It's working simple for the option level of your item: Success = +1, Fail = -1.

    • Unique Monsters are showing Target

    While fighting with a unique monster, the player who's being target by the monster has a red arrow showing up over him.

    • Accountpanel

    At the Accountpanel you are able to change your Password after typing the current one.
    As well you can upload an Avatar, and add a signature for the Forum.

    • Characterpanel

    At the Characterpanel you can choose one of your characters as main char.
    Once done, the character's name will be shown at the Forum and in Support Tickets.
    As well you can choose any title for your character from those which you have received by finishing a quest.
    Titles which have been bought through VIP Silk can be chosen for every character on your account.
    If your character is stucked for any reason, you can easily unstuck it at the characterpanel.
    Here you can also choose several items for your Contribution Points, select your character and click on Items4Contribution.

    • VIP Stats

    Everytime you purchase VIP Silk, your VIP Level will raise when reaching a specific amount.
    The higher your VIP Level, the more Bonus you'll receive at your next charge.

    Once you purchased VIP Silk, you have to choose on which of the Servers you would like to use it.
    Once chosen, those VIP Silk may not be used at another Server!

    • Ranking

    In the Ranking you can find many different kind of ranks, as well it's possible to see detailed information of every player.

    • Forum
    In our Forum you're able to see News, Events, Guides, Player Discussions and much more!
    As well there is a shoutbox where users can chat with everybody.
    To check our Forum, click HERE

    • Webmall

    The Webmall offers stuff for VIP Silk, such as Skill & Stat resets, Titles etc.
    As well you can remove your old Premium there, if you'd like to use a new one.

    • Support

    Of course we offer you our best support over the support-ticketsystem.
    If you have any issues, reports or other things, you can open a ticket and our administrators will reply you with qualified answers and solutions.

    I could write much more about other features and more details, but the basics are enough to be published in this thread and if you are going to join us, you will find out more yourself

    Get ready for a brand new gaming experience!

    Thanks for your attention!

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